Pupil - Completion of 6 Months Lawful Pupillage Register

Pupils Register

PUPILLAGES: Effective 1 May 2014, ALL pupils are required to register with the Bar Association office.


PUPILS WHO WISH TO APPEAR in a Court of Summary Jurisdiction will be issued a Certificate from the Association which would provide a marker that the first 6 months of pupillage is complete indicating to the members of the bar and the judiciary that the pupil now has a right of audience. Pupil Master is to attest that Advocacy and Litigation Training has taken place.  Pupil/Pupil Master, please email bdabar@logic.bm to attest to the completion of pupillage date so that the Certificate may be issued. 


Pupil to complete six months training in the course of lawful pupillage as referred to in section 51(1)(a)(ii)(bb) of the Supreme Court Act 1905. For so long as their period of practical training continues, the pupil shall have full rights of audience in any court of summary jurisdiction.


Please note that applying for a "Certificate of Completion of Six Months Pupillage" is optional as not all pupils wish to appear in a Court of Summary Jurisdiction. Pupils, please send a reminder email to the Bar Office to allow time for pupillage confirmation and time to prepare the Certificate.  


#Pupil NameLaw Firm/CompanyStart date pupillage & expected
admission Bermuda Bar date
Date pupil may appear in
Court of Summary Jurisdiction
Admission Roll of Barristers & Attorneys
 1  J. Audley Quallo  Ministry of Legal Affairs 28 June 2023 - June 2024 January 2024  (Completed first 6 Certificate issued)
 2 Rakaya Simmons  Trott & Duncan Limited 5 July 2023 - July 2024 January 2024  (Completion first 6 Certificate issued) 
 3 Milaun Perott  Appleby (Bermuda) Limited 5 Sept 2023 - Sept 2024   March 2024
 4 Ryley Tannock  Appleby (Bermuda) Limited 5 Sept 2023 - Sept 2024  March 2024
 5 Angelica Wales Conyers Dill & Pearman Limited 11 Sept 2023 - Sept 2024 March 2024  
 6 Nazari Woods Conyers Dill & Pearman Limited Oct 2023 - Oct 2024 April 2024
 7 Meshellae Payne  ASW Law Limited (SQE route with Pupil Master K George) 18 Dec 2023 - Dec 2024 June 2024
 8 Jonathan Jervis Chancery Legal Limited 10 Jan - Jan 2024 July 2024
 9 Isabella Zuill-McKenzie Carey Olsen Bermuda Limited  20 Nov 2023 - Nov 2024 May 2024  

Last update 30 April 2024