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Effective May 2017, the former Chief Justice released a Handbook for Civil Litigants in Person (link below). In accordance with Chapter Two on Page 14 paragraphs (iii) of the Handbook, the Bar Office has compiled a list of lawyers who may be willing to conduct some pro bono (free) work, or work at a reduced charge out rate. 


The directory is retained at the Bar Office in the event that should anyone require pro bono legal services or legal services at a reduced rate, the Bar Office will bring that person and a lawyer together on a rotation basis.This directory is not available to the public. In making its selection, the Bar Office will take into consideration conflict concerns and will forward the potential client on to the lawyer selected. 


Assistance is only available to those who are self-represented and have matters already filed or active within the courts. Additionally, Plaintiffs are limited to one request for assistance per year whereas Respondents seeking assistance is unlimited at this time.  To speed up the process of securing you with limited assistance, kindly email the Bar Office by providing the following information:


(1) Contact information, i.e. your email address and telephone number(s)

(2) Title/case #/brief overview of jurisdiction/type of matter (Criminal/Family/Civil/Commercial/Appeal etc) as well as what stage you are in within the court system.

(3) Names of all parties.

(4) Name of opposing lawyer and firm (to eliminate from approaching on pro bono list)

(5) If you were represented at one time by a lawyer(s), the name(s) and firm(s) (to eliminate approaching on pro bono list)


Please allow up to 2 weeks for the Bar Office to secure assistance for you.  


Extract - iii. Pro Bono Lawyers


Some lawyers undertake legal work for free or at reduced rates. The Bermuda Bar Association might also be able to put you in touch with a lawyer willing to give some limited free (pro bono) advice. You can reach their office by telephone at 295.4540 or email