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Group Health Plan for sole practitioners, small law firms, their employees, their dependents, and the employee(s) of the Bar Association (“the Group Health Plan”). We are now in our 7th year with this initiative. The more member firms that sign up, the cheaper the premium will become. The Group Health Plan is open to any member who opts to participate. The Group Health Plan is not compulsory.


Members/firms, please contact Ron Spencer at Coralisle Medical Insurance Company Ltd., for a no-obligation health insurance quote.


Tel: 296-3200, or directly at 298-3648, or via email at or visit their website at


If more members sign up for the Group Health Policy, these additional benefits could be offered: Group Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Short and Long Term Disability. The sub-committee touched base with Colonial seeking feedback and to which they provided a lengthy response listing potential additional benefits.


What does the Bar Group Health Plan provide?

  • An association benefit plan which will be easy to join and provide additional benefit options yet remain separate and confidential.
  • Separate billing by Member (non payment by any Member would not jeopardize the status of the group policy for everyone else).
  • Cover will be equal to or better than existing policies.
  • More than one cover option will be available with add-ons, e.g.:
    • Flexibility to go beyond a standard plan;
    • Executive physical benefits option;
    • Preventative health benefits option;
    • Long term disability benefit option (not available to small practices);
    • Higher level life insurance benefit option (not available to small practices).
  • Higher levels of coverage than would be available to sole practitioners.
  • Access to cover that would not normally be available to sole practitioners.
  • Easier access to higher level benefits.
  • Retirement coverage for attorneys.
  • Pre-existing condition waivers.
  • Ability to integrate existing cover for smaller to mid-size firms with no loss of cover;


Some highlights of securing insurance with GC Insurance as follows highlighting some of the long term benefits to members especially those plans with ageing members who may want or need cover post 65:


  • $5,000,000 Lifetime max with NO ANNUAL CAP;
  • No reduction of Lifetime Max at age 65 as long as the employee meets the designated criteria for a full time active employee;
  • Flexibility and accessibility to one of the best overseas network of Hospitals and over 1,000,000 Health care providers;
  • Elective Care-flexibility to access care overseas even if treatment is available locally;
  • Protection from large out of pocket charges for out of network treatment. A stop-loss is in place for out of network charges overseas.


Additional benefits include:


  • Retiree Plan: An Association Retiree Plan can be created for any existing insured group member, at the time of retirement, ages 65 and up;
  • Privilege Member Programme: Bermuda Bar Association members who are enrolled in a Premier Health Major Medical Plan, are part of the CG Insurance Privilege Programme where they receive additional premium savings for Home, Motor and Travel Insurance products. CG Insurance will also provide preferred rates for Commercial Insurance Policies. 


Last updated 30 October 2020