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29 May 2007
DLBE 3The Bermuda Bar Association remembers Dame Lois Browne-Evans.
It is with great sadness that we receive the news of the passing of Dame Lois Browne-Evans.

She was an outstanding and respected member of the Bermuda Bar.
Others will speak to her manifold achievements in the political world. We, as lawyers, can speak to her work in her chosen profession. Her first tremendous achievement was embarking on a career in law in the first place. Fifty four years ago Dame Lois, having been called to the English Bar, was the first female member of the Bermuda Bar. In 1953 it was no mean feat for a young black woman to become a barrister when the profession was the bastion of white men. She embarked on her chosen career path with courage and fortitude and in doing so paved the way for many women to follow in her footsteps. In every sense of the word, Dame Lois was a trailblazer.
And, once called to the Bar, she became a fierce defender of human rights, in the very best traditions of the Bar. Her work for the rights of oppressed people and her involvement in the struggle for universal adult sufforage and against institutional racism, placed her at the forefront of human rights champions. She fought against all forms of discrimination, from that based on race to sexual orientation, and was a champion of equal rights all of her professional life.
Dame Lois will be sorely missed by her fellow members of the Bar and will be remembered as an inspiration to us all. Our thoughts are with her family and close friends at this difficult time.
Bermuda Bar Council