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Professional Company applications approved and licensed to practice by Bar Council are issued Certificates of Recognition annually and which expire on December 31st of each year.


For initial applications, please contact the Bar Office to receive guidance.


The initial registration fee is $750 and thereafter the yearly renewal fee is $250.  Pursuant to Section 16C (8) of the Bermuda Bar Act 1974, Bar Council publishes the Alphabetical list of Companies in the Official Gazette and on the Bar website under the Practising Members page.


For renewal applications, the Application form and Declaration from the Director must be received, and the Certificate granted before attorneys in your company can apply for Practicing Certificates for each practicing year.  As the declaration form is a statutory requirement under the Bermuda Bar Act 1974 and the Bermuda Bar (Professional Companies) Rules 2009, upon which the Bar Council will rely upon for purposes of issuing the Certificate of Recognition, the declaration by the Director is to be made in front of a Commissioner for Oath.  In your application, you must submit proof of sufficient professional liability insurance.  In addition, pursuant to section 16B of the Bermuda Bar Act 1974, your application must include a declaration with respect to the following:

  • that all of the issued and outstanding shares of the company are legally and beneficially owned, directly or indirectly, by one or more individuals, each of whom is a barrister who holds a valid practicing certificate;
  • that all of directors of your company are barristers, each of whom holds a valid practicing certificate;
  • that every barrister employed by your company as a barrister holds a valid practicing certificate; and
  • that every person employed by your company as an agent of the company to perform functions specified in section 15 of the Bermuda Bar Act 1974 is a registered associate.

If there has been no change to (1) your articles of incorporation, (2) your memorandum of Association, or (3) the manner in which shares of a member of your company who dies or ceases to hold a valid practicing certificate are to be disposed of, then a statement to that effect in the declaration is sufficient.  If there has been any change, then the new documents must be submitted.


- Application & Declaration for a Certificate of Recognition (form)

- Bermuda Bar (Professional Companies) Rules 2009

- Bermuda Bar Act 1974